As standard we work with partners such as OE Electrics and Linak for power, data, AV and sit/stand options, but of course if you have a preferred supplier please just let us know.

OE Electrics supplied us with PEAK for our flexible tilt top tables, Heston and Benjy. A sleek design and the ability to add a large number of modules makes this a great option for ‘in-desk’ mounted power & data.


At Wycombe21 we are very flexible when it comes to technology. Our bespoke mentality means that we are happy to provide ‘off the shelf’ solutions or of course work with you and your tech supplier to create a unique setup.

Our standard under desk module, kindly supplied by OE for our photography, is called PHASE. The simple design and ability to place it anywhere on our tables, made it the perfect choice.

CoSoft wooden cable managed leg

One of the newest additons to our sit-stand range, Boosh, is the DPD Desk Panel from Linak. Not only is it very easy to manually use but it can also link to your smart phone as well as be programmed to show your company logo. More from our partnership with Linak can be found HERE

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