A link with natural living plants means happier people with better output and an improved bottom line.

87 %

According to NASA, plants can remove up to 87% of indoor air toxins in just 24 hours.


“Biophilia is the human need to connect with other living things. We are here to bring more natural living plants to London’s workplaces, making the air you breathe better and the view from your desk greener.”

Plant Designs

Our CoSoft table has built in planters to help promote wellbeing. We have teamed up with ‘Plant Designs’ to offer expert advise and on-going maintenance of any plants you choose to add to CoSoft.

Click on the ‘Plant Designs‘ logo to find out more about their fantastic horticultural team, advice on desktop plants and any other biophilic elements you may wish to add to your workplace.


Using biophila – the human need to connect with nature – will also reduce stress and fatigue, lessen sick days and therefore lower company sick leave costs.

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